Guided climbing experiences for active duty and military veterans.


Experience the outdoors differently than the average person through climbing. 


In one weekend, this trip will build your technical skills and ability to rock climb outside on short, single pitch climbs (up to 100 feet tall). You will leave with the skills to confidently and safely climb in well established areas; while connecting with a community of like minded brothers and sisters in arms.


I have ZERO climbing experience: 


​Perfect, our professional instructors will get you up to speed with what you need to know.

I have climbed a little: 


You will learn the most current techniques and tactics for climbing outside from professional guides with decades of experience.

Experienced Climbers: 


Mentorship used to be an integral part of learning to climb. You will be a mentor for one to three veterans or active duty leaders who are newer to climbing.

If this sounds even slightly interesting to you click APPLY NOW, you will be directed to fill out a survey and schedule a call.


  • It is challenging to maintain trusted adventure partners long term because of the routine moves and deployments.

  • Active duty leaders don't have the ability to completely unplug during time off; work hard during the week, play hard on the weekends.

  • Active duty leaders don't get to choose where we live, and when we are gone; have to plan adventures around an unpredicatable deployment and training schedule.


You chose to serve. For years you lived your life, working hard, showing up for something and someone else. The military trains service members to put themselves last.


It is time to flip this narrative. Fill up your tank, so you can show up better for the people you lead, and work you do. Place yourself first. Join other driven people on the same path while building lasting memories in the mountains.




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If this sounds fun. The next climbing adventure is 8-11 October at Lake Tahoe. Click to apply.


Be challenged

Physical fitness is a staple of the military life. Run more, run further, do more pushups. How about using that fitness to move your body in a way that is good for it, while having fun? Climbing is the portal to do exactly that.


Whether you are completely new to climbing or an experienced climber, you will learn something new and become more confident on climbing objectives of all sizes.

Connect to a Community

With how rapidly we move around, finding consistent partners in the military is hard. Become part of a world wide community of climbers and people that love recreating outside.

Be more fulfilled

Work hard, play hard. Lead others by leading yourself first. Set this example for your children, peers and subordinates. Leading others becomes easier when you fill your own cup first.

Lead others

Leading stars with setting the example. This is just as important outside of work as it is at work. Creating a healthy life for yourself will set the example for those around you to follow, improving the whole organization

Grow as a person

Personal growth occurs where we get uncomfortable. Exponential growth starts with a simple investment. These trips will help you identify where you are holding yourself back. Investing in yourself, is the most certain investment anyone can make.

What is included?

  • Transportation to and from the Reno airport

  • Food for the weekend

  • Lodging near Lake Tahoe

I will provide the following if needed...

Climbing Harness

Climbing Helmet

Belay Device


Climbing ropes

Climbing hardware


**You will receive a detailed packing list before the event. I highly recommend bringing your own climbing shoes and making sure they fit comfortably before the trip.

I'm interested, what's next?

  • Step 1: Click "Apply Now"

    Fill out the survey and get on a call with me. It this trip does not work for you there will be future trips. Apply and subscribe to make sure you are the first to know about them.

  • Step 2: Book Travel

    Arrive to Lake Tahoe by 6pm PST on October 8th. Depart on October 11th. If you you are flying, I will provide transportation to and from the Reno airport. If you choose to drive, there will be adequate parking.

  • Step 3: Get ready for an amazing climbing adventure

    Start by making sure you know how to belay and tie into a rope when you arrive. This will help us get climbing sooner. If you need to learn, your local climbing gym is a great place to go.


In 2008 I went to a local climbing gym after school. I had climbed outside a few times before, this time I found a climb that really challenged me. I kept working on it. I failed again and again. I left the gym unsuccessful, with sore hands and a smile, I was hooked.  I came back two days later and completed that climb.


I have not stopped climbing since, spending every free moment outside or in the climbing gym.  Along the way, I had three amazing mentors, two AMGA climbing guides and the most prolific developer of new climbs in the Gunks. They slowed me down, showed me the ropes, and the way to have fun outside respectfully and safely. 


During this time I commissioned in the Army as an Infantry officer and kept climbing through all consuming training, multiple moves,  and deployments. I have experienced success and crushing failures.


Since I joined the military, I have held onto a dream of guiding other people who are excited to learn. I leaned how to get outside on my terms, now I get to show you how to experience the outdoors differently. 

Nothing gets my mind to stop worrying about the stresses of the day, relax and be completely present like climbing does.



I was shocked by how quickly climbing grabbed my attention. Nothing gets my mind to shut the f#*k up and be completely present like climbing.

Sean - Army NCO, Entrepreneur

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